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We Provide High Quality Live Calls
To Feed Your Growing Sales Team

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Live Direct Calls

Don't waste your time chasing aged leads or form submissions. We will send you live direct calls from customers who are actively searching for your product or service.


Steady Flow Of Calls

Tell us how many calls you want per day and how many concurrent calls you can handle, and we'll keep your sales team supplied with a steady flow of high quality calls.


Real Time Reporting

We give you access to a powerful but simple online reporting dashboard so you can listen to calls and view details for sales training and ROI optimization..


Easy To Get Started

Getting started is simple! Contact us and we can setup a small volume test to make sure you're happy with our calls and are ready to launch successfully!

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Typical Leads Are A
Waste Of Money

Typical leads are often sold to more than one buyer and in the long run your cost per sale goes up, and your sales people get burned out. The juice isn't worth the squeeze.


Inbound Calls Have
The Best ROI

Buying high quality live phone calls from consumers with high commercial intent is like fishing with dynamite. Your ROI increases, your sales reps make more money, and your business grows more profitable.

Live Calls Is What We Do!


There are many "jack of all trades" agencies that do everything including web design, SEO, social media, content marketing, PPC advertising and even offline print advertising... but we dont do that!

We're a specialized agency that focuses our expertise on getting YOUR phone to ring from quality prospects that are calling to buy your product or service.

Our Process


Our marketing experts use over 20 years of experience to plan and develop a targeted search marketing campaign to generate live calls from high quality potential customers who are actively looking for your specific products or services.


You provide us with your budget, call handling limits, and well do all the hard work to meet your needs. Whether you can handle 10 calls per day, or 100 calls per day, we have you covered.


Our advertising process uses ad copy and landing page content that pre-qualifies our callers so leads we provide you are high quality and convert into more sales with higher return on marketing spend.

Industries We Serve



Real Estate, Criminal
Immigration, Divorce



Business Funding, Real Estate Funding
Accredited Investors, Commodities, Forex


Home Services

Locksmith, Plumbing, Restoration
Pest Control, HVAC, Roofers, Landscapers



Auto, Home, Renters
Health, Life & Commercial

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