Trial Campaign (20 Calls)

Here's How It Works:

We'll send you 20 unique live inbound callers who have searched on Google for an auto insurance quote, that called our advertised number, and we transfer directly to you.

These are exclusive calls that we do not share with anyone else. They are transferred directly to your agency to offer your services.

After you have received the 20 unique calls we'll provide you with a call details report to review and determine if you would like to move forward with our services.

NOTE: This is a non-refundable trial campaign order. Our goal for this 50% discount trial offer is to deliver you calls that provide proof of the quality of our leads and establish a long term relationship. We still have to pay advertising networks to get these calls for you, which makes a refund unavailable.

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Price: $ 400.00
By submitting this order you agree to the terms as described in the "How It Works" section above.